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by Freemin2

Freemind Family is Ghana’s leading Conscious and Social Commenting Community.

Here we Analyse issues using Logic, Common Sense and a touch with reality.

George Freemind welcomes you to our Official Website.

I drink water and say those things you will dare not say even if you are high on something…
With more than 4M🏆 views on YouTube and 100K plus followers on facebook.

The State Of being…

Freemind – The state of being able to speak your mind with no fear or favour.

For Private Consultations | Other Discussions and to join our WhatsApp Group contact us on Email: georgefreemind@freemindfamily.org

My name is George Freemind and you are all part of the Freemind Family.

“It’s as simple as that”

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Alex May 11, 2023 - 11:29 am

Hello freemind,
There is an issue going on in Ghana that I want to share with you. It’s about a poor man in Accra, and they are using money and power to take his land in the middle of the city, from him. It’s going on now now nowneeds help. I’m very close to him, so I know everything about it 100%, with videos and pictures to prove it. Hit me up @+1-614-598-1121


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