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Dating behaviors guaranteed to scare men away…

by Merab Wawira
2 mins read

After days, weeks, months or even years of interacting as friends, you are now officially dating. Congratulations.

If you like your partner it’s obviously you would love the relationship to keep thriving, and not scare him away.

The truth is women can do some things that will scare men away no matter how much they’ve invested in the relationship, emotionally or in any other aspect.

Below are some of the behaviors that will surely scare him. So women should avoid doing the following if they are interested in maintaining their relationship.

  1. Possessive and Clingy

This behavior projects insecurity and lack of trust, which can easily sabotage the relationship. For instance, if a man goes out with his boys/ friends, allow him and not texting him every second to know where exactly he is or what he is doing.

If you are going out together, let’s say for a cocktail party, you don’t have to be clinged to him all the time. If you see him speaking with other women, who are probably his friends at the party, do not cause drama by rushing to grab his hand immediately or behave in a way to show other people that you own him, like hugging or kissing him.

Other examples of possessive behaviors is snooping through his phone to see his chats and calls, and always demanding an explanation from him anytime a friend or person calls.

Avoid being possessive and clingy because these behaviors will sabotage your relationship. If you don’t trust him, then you have no business being with him.

2. Pushing for commitment early on.

Knowing and planning the direction of a relationship is always great. However, men quickly feel the pressure to commit if you keep pushing them too early and every now and then.

Many women may ask, when is the right time for such talks?

The truth is there is no right time to talk about commitment most of the time. This should just happen naturally.

If both of you genuinely like each other, then it will not be hard for either of you to commit.

Note, you always have an option of walking away if you feel he is not ever going to be ready for serious commitments.

3. Trashing other women

Talking badly about other women shows deep insecurities.

Most of the time, if you trash other women, maybe their dressing, physical looks, body shapes, and etc, it gives men an impression that you lack confidence in yourself.

No one wants to be with a person who has no confidence in themselves. So, this is likely to scare him away.

4. Texting/ Calling too much

Men and women are different when it comes to texting.

Women are fond of texting about almost everything, like what happened at work, what they are wearing, what they are having for lunch, and much more. On the other hand, most men prefer to text for logistical purposes only. For example, a guy will text to inquire things like where or when he will pick you up.

There is nothing wrong in texting, but over doing it will make things boring. Therefore, keep texts or calls flirty, short, and fun. If you call too much or text he may get bored easily.

5. Being Irrationally Jealous

One of the important rule in relationship is not to get jealous, unless he gives you a reason to be jealous.

Again, jealous reflects insecurities and lack of confidence that you deserve to be with this person. If you are always afraid that some other women will snatch him away from you then, you are the problem, and not him. Unless he excessively entertains and flirts with other women.

Be comfortable in yourself, your looks, appearance, skin, and everything about you. Confidence in yourself is a key in having good relationship, for both parties.

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