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One of the Ashaiman residents assaulted by soldiers dies

by Merab Wawira
2 mins read

One of the residents of Ashaiman who were victims of the brutality at the hands of soldiers has died.

The man, identified as Alhaji Mohammed Musah is reported to have fallen while the armed military men were physically assaulting Ashaiman residents.

Alhaji Mohammed Musah died subsequently.

He already had a medical condition, High Blood Pressure, and it shot up immediately the soldiers launched the attack on the residents of Ashaiman.

Lawyer and Spokesperson for Ashaiman Lives Matter, Emmanuel Kumadzi told Accra-based Starr FM;

The soldiers chased Alhaji Mohammed Musah to his house. So, when he got home, he fell and he already had a medical condition- High Blood Pressure. His blood pressure shot up caused by the soldiers chasing him to beat him, and he passed out, unfortunately.

The incident happened on March 7, when the soldiers believed to have come from Michel and Burma Camps stormed Taifa and assaulted the residents. This was after a young soldier, Imoro Sheriff, was attacked and killed by some assailants on March 4, while returning from a female friend’s house.

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